Honoring Our Heroes

Free Portrait Photography for Senior Military Veterans

Creating a legacy to be passed on for generations to come. Our complimentary portrait photography service for senior military veterans is our way of honoring their dedication, bravery, and sacrifices they made for their country.


Our mission is to honor and preserve the legacy of senior military veterans by providing free portrait photography services. We believe that every veteran deserves to have a lasting visual record for generations of their family to connect with and understand the 

veteran’s service to our country. We strive to provide a respectful, professional, and enjoyable experience for every veteran we photograph, and to produce high-quality images that accurately reflect each veteran’s character and spirit.

Do you know a military veteran aged 70 or over who might be a good fit for this program?

To get more details about the program simply fill in the form, and we’ll email you with details of eligibility and how to move forward.

Please note: Our complimentary portrait photography service exclusively serves senior military veterans aged 70 or above who have honorably served our country.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to participate?

Our goal is to provide this service free of charge to every veteran that we photograph. In addition, by not charging the facility a fee, we hope that we can eliminate any reasons for them to say no. 

Can you photograph the veteran at home?

Unfortunately we are unable to go to the homes of individual veterans to photograph them. The biggest problem we have is light and space, and without knowing the conditions that we will be photographing in, we have no guarantees that the photographs will come out as well as we would hope. In addition, we also have to take into consideration our time. So although it would be cost and time-effective to set up our equipment to photograph multiple veterans in an assisted-living or residential care facility, we can’t say the same for photographing an individual in their home.

However, we will be setting up specific days that our senior veterans can come into our studio on Colonial Blvd in Fort Myers to be photographed for free.

Are there any conditions that have to be met to participate in the program?

Yes there are. Unfortunately our time and finances are not limitless, so we do have to put restrictions on who can participate for free. Currently those conditions are:

  • The participant must have served in the military at some point in their lives (not necessarily the US military, if they’re foreign then they could have served in the military of their home country)
  • The participant must be aged 70 years or older.
  • We must be allowed to use the photographs that we take for marketing purposes to help grow the program.
Will the veterans get printed or digital photographs?

Each veteran that we photograph will be given a printed photograph at no cost to them. In addition, we will provide them and/or the facility with a low-resolution digital image they can use to share on social media if they wish.

Can we get additional prints?

Should the family or facility wish to purchase additional prints they can do so online from within the gallery. These prints are handled by a third-party, and we will be paid a small-commission from each print that is sold. The commission earned from the orders will be used to help us cover the cost of running the program. We do not allow or grant permission for copies to be made from the photographs we present to the veterans.

Can we donate funds or sponsor the program?

Absolutely, and we would welcome it. Aside from time, the only other thing that limits us from offering the program to limitless veterans in our area is cost. So we would welcome any funds that can be donated, or sponsorship, to help us cover the cost. Donations can be made directly from our Donations page. If you would like to sponsor the program, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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